Our services - Freight transport

We offer reliable, simple and safe freight transport throughout Europe. We always offer the transportation means best suited to the shipping order of our clients. We take special care in keeping to pick-up and delivery deadlines, in securely fastening the load, and in driving technique. Our transportation equipment is suited for transportation by both pallet and crane.  We securely fasten the loaded goods before start, so not even a minor accident can happen due to badly fastened commodities. Transportation equipments are undamaged, dry constructs.  We hold domestic and international goods insurance policies for our vehicles. Every vehicle is equipped with a satellite tracker to precisely track shipping routes.

We fulfil transportation needs by our wide selection of vehicle fleet:

  • 3.5-ton van
  • 7, 5, 12 and 18-ton trucks
  • 24-ton set


Express Transport
Boy-West Ltd.
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